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Originally Posted by sizzle305 View Post
Ok I'm doing shopping and I'm down to my final 3 pre-work outs ... 1. Super Pump 2. No-Explode 3. Jack3d ... I've also read the idea of buying separate supplements and making a pre-workout drink I'd rather just save the time and buy something premixed...
I used to take NO explode, it worked well, but I felt like I wanted to flip tables over when I was in class before my workout. Also, made my stomach a little queezy. I've never actually tried Jacked, but have been wanting to do so. I know a few people that have used it and have liked it. I tried a sample of Muscle Marinade (kind of like jacked), which I liked a lot too. I say go with Jacked. However, keep in mind what works for some may not work for others. Some places may offer samples of things if your willing to try that first.
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