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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
I was agreeing with you...I absolutely agree cardiovascular training is not needed for fat loss. The simple argument is to look at a marathon runner vs either a sprinter or pro football player. Yea the runner is smller...but in reality they have about 15 lbs more fat than a sprinter or pro athlete.
I admit though that it is a tough concept to accept. It isn't hard to understand or grasp once you see the facts or numbers and think rationally through it. But the problem is that people keep trying to market programs that go for the calorie burn. Its on going dogma. And I'm learning that you have to just ignore it all and stick with what has been proven to work.

I can't argue with results though. This summer I got down to around 13%, which is the leanest I've been in a decade, and I did it from dieting only. The only workouts I was doing was 1-2 HIT workouts per week. And I still kept my strength.

If I did that good this year I know I can do even better next year. I'm thinking single digits and getting all my old best numbers back.

By the way, I saw your deadlift videos. Quite impressive!
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