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80 days

cycle 2, week 1(3s)


435x5 (stopped short of failure for heavy singles)
485x1, 2 sets (felt relatively easy)

read something in mens health...(i try to stay away from workouts out of there..but this one kind of makes sense) instead of mixing my grips and doing sets of straight 10 on pullups/chins etc, I will now devote a day to each lift...during week 1 of my cycles I will do 2 sets of chins/2 sets of pullups...8,6 reps..week 2 will be chins 8,6,4 for two rounds...week 3 will be pullups, in same fashion...think this will help me progress and keep things fresh. my back will benefit by being able to add weight to the movement.

185x12, 5 sets

hanging leg raise:
bwx12, 5 sets

I am gaining weight, feel conditioned, and seem to be getting stronger..lets hope this continues
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!

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