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Less than a week until Tough Mudder!

Things I've accomplished:
-doubled endurance
-doubled flexibility
-graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business the day after Tough Mudder

Things I didn't accomplish but wanted to [and plan to complete within the year]:
-fat loss
-quit drinking (**** the day I began to enjoy booze, now I have to strengthen my willpower)

Thanksgiving was a holiday, pardon me for partaking in its earthly delights

But today,

M1: protein shake, water
M2: oatmeal
M3: protein
M4: black beans
M5: veggies, beans, oatmeal, dunno... maybe i'll by meat at the store

Race is on Sunday, I need to do some research on carb loading. Either doing that before sundown on Saturday or on Friday. Otherwise, im going to up the cardio and lower my carb intake (and junk food & beer) as much as I can tolerate.

Goals after graduation: Income, self-sufficiency, fitness, photography, and most of the world too
Main Activity:

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