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Originally Posted by bigbear6708 View Post
gotta love taking days off (not too many thought!), I didnt workout Thanksgiving or Today...feels good! Deload ends Tomorrow though ,with HIIT and lifting sunday. 10 days to slam the food in Commander!! get big buddy
Complete day's off are a love hate thing for me. When I take a day off, I usually don't go through my food prep either which means I end up dropping weight. I'd rather do a deload where I just taper weights or volume.

I took Saturday off too because we were decorating our house for Christmas and then visiting with my parents for a belated Thanksgiving (spent actual Thanksgiving with my wife's family). Between Thursday and Saturday off I woke up Sunday morning at 197. So a big eating holiday and I am down about 4 pounds, women hate me, ha, ha!

I actually debated starting my cut since I had already dropped some weight. But I am going to stick to my time table.

Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
It's crazy that you're coming this close to the cut already, really looking forward to following along.
I actually can't believe it either, started counting down so long ago I thought it would never come, but here it is and the year just flew by.

I am a little frustrated, some changes in my training/eating have led to some additional fat accumulation in the last month or two (or maybe I am just more aware since I am about to cut?). Still leaner than most people, but that's not good enough. Oh well, it comes off soon.

Thanks for following!



HFS 4x5

Squat 220
Bench 190
Deadlift 306
OH Press 110

Active Rest:
DB Curl
Band Face Pull
Ring Work

Felt super light because I was quite fresh coming off days off on Thursday and Friday.

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