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I would try staying in state so you dont have to pay out of state tuition(unless you are going to a private school) GI bill will only cover so much, so look for Yellow Ribbon schools, unless you're getting outside help then you dont have to worry about it. For exmaple, I just got out and now am going to go to TCU or SMU, preferably TCU; GI bill covers 17,600 and TCU/SMU covers the rest even if tuition rises so its a great program.

I would take the SAT or ACT again so then you dont have to do the BS work arounds to get into schools, a good score helps a lot! I would also recommend focusing on setting yourself up for getting into a physcial Therapy program. If it's anything like pre-med you dont have time for anything else because you're either studying(do not underestimate majors biology/chemistry they are very hard after being out of school so long and being at war), being mentored by doctors, or volunteering at clinics.
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