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Chest: Flat Bench (weighted dips and guillotine presses come in close second)
Shoulders: OH Press (incline bench close, but it is mainly front delt)
Back: Incline T-Bar Rows (for thickness), Lat Pull or Rack Chins (for width)
Glutes: Squat
Hamstrings: SLDL (I can't do them, so I use a myriad of prone, standing, and seated leg curls and GHRs)
Quads: Front Squat
Calves: Leg Press Calf Raises, DC style
Neck: Never worked it, just grows
Forearms: Deadlifts (I can't do them, so I use isolation exercises)
Biceps: Standing Barbell Curls
Triceps: Close Grip Bench Press (all three heads), Skull Crushers to nose (long head), Rope Splay Pushdowns (lateral/medial heads)
I know the bench press is so cliche, but:
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