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16 days to diet time



Squat - just doing these light to get blood flowing and keep practice with the movement
170x5, 5, 10

superset with

OH Press
100x5, 5, 10

Occluded Leg Extension
100x20, 10, 10, 2 then epic fail

Crazy 8's Arms - 3 rounds - minimal rest:
Barbell Curl 65
DB Hammer 23
Band Curl
Tricep Rope Pushdown 45
Kickback 10
Suspended OH Ext

Occluded Bridge Leg Curl
BWx10, 10, 10


306x5, 10 sets

Active Rest:
Lots of ring work - dips, L-holds, upside down shrugs, inverted L hold

Had my suspension trainer for awhile now, but I had stopped being creative on it, mostly used it for pushups.

However, a combination of things got me back into it: 1) I had forgot how awesome upside down glute ham raise (suspended bridge leg curl) are, well, now I remember. 2) My son is in gymnastics so I tried to create some basic exercises on it that he could do to get some functional strength for gymnastics. 3) T-Nation contributor Christian Thibeadeau has been writing about using them recently.

I think I might get some new growth, specifically in my abs from the ring work.

Also, threw in occlusion today, been awhile since I used it. I should try to keep it in there as studies suggest it can cause capillarization which will be good for getting my legs lean for the contest.

Great workouts today!

Tomorrow will be a well earned day of rest.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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