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Being in my last month of college... I've had to balance between living it up, saving what little money I make, and preparing for Tough Mudder. I guess I feel like I didn't do enough of any, but that's just who I am--never doing enough or always doing too much. Anyway, wish I had actually stuck to this journal 100% the whole time, but no regrets. I have the rest of my life after this final semester to get it right. By 25 years of age, I hope to have a 6pack (lame goal I know, but I was the kid everyone nicknamed 'fatass' in middle school). So I deserve to want it imo.

Anyway, TM is Dec 4th. I have 2 weeks to get my endurance up, other than that (and my flabby abs) I'm limber & strong enough to finish the race with my team. I won't be the slowest member anyway I'll want to be jogging at least 3 non treadmill miles a day, 5 days a week until then.

What I'm more excited for is moving to S.FL with all my best friends and finally having a training partner again after training solo for 2 years (and most of my 5 year college career). I'm going to be back in shape so fast. 6 meals a day, 5 days a week training, valet job at first, no alcohol, no junk food, and lot's of motivation.

20 mins cardio Treadmill w/ incline. Moderate to moderate-high speed 10 mins.
Stationary bike HIIT -- 9 minutes of high intensity intervals, 1 min cooldown.
12p M1: banana, protein, water
Time to hit the books at the library until I'm ready for my exam tomorrow.
2 M2: missed the meal
4:45 M3: chicken breast, broccoli
7 M4: chicken, sweet potato
10 M5: protein
Main Activity:

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