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I have 2 different protein supplements.

1. Intek evolution. 34 grams of protein per scoop. 2.79 grams leucine ( as well as a bunch of other bcaa's).

2. Transformulation Labs Restoration. Post workout.
30 grams protein, 3000mg creatine, 1020 grams l-glutamine complex, 30 grams carbs.

As far as the protein shake vs food before bed, sometimes I am not hungry, but I make myself drink the protein.
What would you recommend ?

The one day a week I carb it up I stay within my calories I have been shooting for (approx. 2100)

I haven't focused too much on other fat sources so any advice would be great.
I have been tracking my calories and water intake with an iPhone app. But all the apps I have tried all leave something to be desired as far as level of detail.
I am doing my best, but tracking has never been a strong suit.

I really do appreciate the advice and input and I did read every single leucine article!

It appears that the Intek Evolution protein 3 or 4 times a day puts me in the sweet spot for leucine.
I am willing to do a scoop and a half if you recommend it.

Thanks for the help!

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