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Stuff like that makes me appreciate my shed even more. Before the shed was my basement at my last home. I have not been a member of a gym in over 3 years and do not miss it. I went to the gym once where my wife goes to a few months ago and I pretty much hated it.

My advice to you is if you can not have a home gym find a better gym where people are actually serious. I used to go and work at a gym and some of the dumbest things I have seen are people sitting on benches talking on cell phones, curls in the squat rack, and one time when I was deadlifting these dumb kids were standing right next to my barbell and I proceeded to do my set and nearly took one of the idiots out.

If you can get a home gym the basics are a power rack, barbell, bench, and plates. Look for the plates and barbell used if possible. Get some plywood to protect your floor. You do not need expensive mats you can find cheap ones that connect like I did and pay less than $50. When you build a home gym it seems expensive at first but think about 5 years of a gym membership at $300 a year and it does not seem so bad.
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