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Originally Posted by ecko31s View Post
Sounds like you’re on the right track with your protein intake. You said you were consuming complex carbs, but how many grams per day. If you’re really trying to gain some mass, you’re going to have to increase you daily carbohydrate intake. I’ve done a lot of trial and error periods over the years to see what works best for my body. For me, high protein with low carbs works well when I’m trying to cut down body fat. High protein with high carbohydrate intake works well when I’m trying to gain more muscle mass. You just have to tweak your carb intake so that you’re making good muscle mass gains, without putting on to much fat. Basically for me, the amounts of carbs I consume determine if I am going to put on mass or loose weight. It’s easier to focus on one at a time.
Thanks guys! Ecko31s...I've calculated my CHO intake to be around 455 g/day (along with 230 g protein and 70 g fat which is a ratio of 34/41/25 for Pro/CHO/fat for a total of 3330 kcal/day). I'm mostly sticking to oatmeal, whole wheat bread, fruit, some veggies, dairy and dextrose post workout for my CHO sources. Is that about what you were taking in when clean bulking?

Originally Posted by ecko31s View Post
It seems like when your trying to get bigger and ripped at the same time the gains seems be very slow.
I think you hit the nail on the head with this point and this is probably the reason that my weight gain has slowed down considerably lately. A couple months ago I started noticing my waist getting bigger and not being able to fit into pants that used to fit comfortably. Basically, I felt fatter and really didn't like that feeling even though I've read about a million times that you inevitably put on fat when you put on muscle. Since I noticed this, I've incorporated more cardio into my routine (now I'm doing about 2 hours of moderate intensity cardio/week on my clean bulk) as well as cutting back on cheat meals and weight gain has definitely been quite slow and some weeks I don't gain any weight at all. But I do feel better and leaner and I think the cardio has helped with my conditioning. I figured the reason my gains slowed down was mostly because my body had adapted to my training (8-12 reps) but clearly cardio also has a significant impact on the energy balance aspect of things. Would you suggest I back down on cardio? I wouldn't say that I'm trying to get ripped but I'm trying to minimize fat gain.

I have been working on controlling weights on the negative portion of the exercise for the last few months and have definitely noticed a difference.

Thanks again!

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