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oatmeal mixed with protein and a hand full of blue berries.
How much protein, what kind of protein?
3 hrs later protein.
3 hrs later some raw almonds or Atkins bar
3 hrs later decent sized chef or grilled chicken salad ( easy on dressing)
3 hrs later protein and an apple before hitting gym
How much protein is in each of these meals. If it is whey protein you will need 1.5-2 scoops in order to put your body in to protein synthesis. If it is a food protein source( eg. chicken, beef, etc ) you will need roughly 40 grams. This is about a medium sized chicken breast.

Every time you have a meal the goal is to put your body back in to MPS( muscular protein synthesis ). If the meal does not contain a certain amount of protein this will NOT occur. To be more specific it is the amount of leucine in the protein source that triggers MPS. Roughly 2.5-3.0 grams of leucine will support MPS. This is why I recommend 1.5-2 scoops of whey, or 40+ grams of whole food protein. Have you read the lecuine articles?
Restoration shake post work out
What is in this? Specifically..
Sometimes protein shake before bed, sometimes lean meat and green produce
Why not make it every day?
And one time a week I carb it up with a semi cheat day. Rice and meat, and once in the past 5 weeks I had 3 slices of pizza.
Carbing up( a refeed ) can be very beneficial on a cut keep it up. Just be warry of OVER doing it. Mind you you would have to consume an adversely large number of carbohydrates to do so.
I am also taking omega 3,6,9 three times a day.
Besides the raw almonds do you have any more fat sources?
At the end of September when I started training I was at 223. I dropped down to 215, but have gained back to 218 while losing 3 inches of gut.
I am not so concerned about weight as I am burning off fat and adding muscle.
Keep up hard work! You're definitely following a path to success!
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