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So very, very, mad at myself. Last night, however, I was very excited to buy a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder at a ridiculously low price... $3.75 for both!--Some 11/11/11 deal. How could I resist? But in hindsight, I'd like to sock myself right in the flipping nose for it.

Fast food is for the weak! Punishment is a no carb day. Also going to try and get a nice long cardio session in and an extra long and painful yoga session.

10a M1: CC
When I get hungry.. broccoli
Going to do circuits of cardio between treadmill (10 mins each time) and stationary bike (HIIT - 5 mins each time) for as long as I can
1p M2: protein, water, vitamins
4 M3: chicken breast, zucchini
7 M4: protein, water
9 M5: tuna
11 M6: protein
Main Activity:

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