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Originally Posted by joelzybuff View Post
deadlifts are one of the key compound pulls that stimulate the CNS and releases the most GH. therefore, its essentialiif ya wanna put on any mass .
I thought i had explained my point pretty clear. please read again...there were more posts by me in this same thread regarding this point.

for lats, the actions are abduction and extension of the humerus. so it does matter HOW you do ur pull ups. though i would like to know,wad is the ave volume of ya workout? in terms of sets and reps.
i am not sure abt how much volume should be would be great to know.cheers. nice lats.[/quote]

well actually i got 2 approaches to pullups. at times i simply aim for 50 reps with as low of rest & sets first go may be 8reps, rest 10 sec 8 more 10 sec so on.

2nd approach is simple weighted pullups/chins for the conventional 3-4sets of 6-8 reps.
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