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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
170 for 5 sets of 10 on incline...that's some good number and volume for incline.
Thanks commander. I figure the little extra volume, now that I have svaled the "big" work back a bit will help me out.

98 days. until I judge 3/5/1

Cycle 1, week 3 (1s)


475x1 (8.5 rpe)
485x1 (9 ish rpe)

Glute ham raise:
Bwx12, 5 sets

Hang leg raise
Bw x 10, 5 sets

I should deload now according the program. However I am going on vacation in 2 weeks, so I am going to run the 5's week again and use vacationas my deload
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finally got camera, more vids to come!
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