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i am actually on my 3rd week doing DC. quite frankly i love it so far. reason i started it was mostly because of time constraint. i had known of dc for quite sometime but never gave it a shot until now.

DC is not just rest pause, though that is prolly the most imp element of dc. other imp aspect is extreme stretching...that makes u really feel good..and progressive overload...u r suppose to beat the log book every freaking workout. other things like high protein intake, exercise rotation etc are also equally imp components.

Charles u r right..dc is very brutal & hardcore and run u in the ground real quick...but give u results too equally fast. Secondly, dc regime is divided into 2 phases- blast & cruise. blast is the hard core phase with rest pause extreme stretches etc. while cruise phase is the catch up period with no specific workout. you can do any exercise in any way - preferably straight sets, so ur body can recover. both blast & cruise can be as long as one feels the needs. usually blast - 6 weeks before cruising for 2-3 weeks.

All in all a good choice for those under extreme time constraint.
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