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Default Does performance of a workout = Volume times Intensity?

Could you guys please determine if what I am saying is correct or flawed?

After trying numerous times to plan workouts and failed, my friend and I came up with a simple equation, that is X = V times I, where V= volume of an exercise and I= intensity of that exercise, and X is the performance of our workout. Since Charles Poliquin states a 2% rule of progress, and assuming our first workout is X, we can calculate that our performance for the next workout would be 1.02X. Moreover, since 1.02X=V times I, we can manipulate it so that V and I could increase at the same time, or that V increases while I remains the same and vice versa.
For example, if I did pull ups, cable row, and dumb bell row, i would calculate the total sum for X based on the above formula. Then, after i have calculated X, I would add an additional 2%, and from thereon plan my workout again.

Moreover, what is the average progress a beginner makes per workout without supplements? Would it be above 10%?

Thanks alot!
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