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Default Thanks!

Thanks so much for the info.
The protein is included in the meals. A typical day is: oatmeal mixed with protein and a hand full of blue berries.
3 hrs later protein.
3 hrs later some raw almonds or Atkins bar
3 hrs later decent sized chef or grilled chicken salad ( easy on dressing)
3 hrs later protein and an apple before hitting gym
Restoration shake post work out
Sometimes protein shake before bed, sometimes lean meat and green produce
And one time a week I carb it up with a semi cheat day. Rice and meat, and once in the past 5 weeks I had 3 slices of pizza.
At any time I get hungry, I have been eating raw broccoli.
I have never in my life been a veggie eater, but I am giving it hell!
I started this year at 240 lbs on a 5'8" frame.
At the end of September when I started training I was at 223. I dropped down to 215, but have gained back to 218 while losing 3 inches of gut.
I am not so concerned about weight as I am burning off fat and adding muscle.
I am also taking omega 3,6,9 three times a day.
Thanks for the links as I will read it all, and any further input is much appreciated!
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