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Glad to see you've decided to go for it! Too many people say they don't have time. It's true, none of us have time, you have to make time!

Are you bulking or cutting?( it sounds like you're cutting) If bulking you have carbs every meal with a larger portion allotted to breakfast and post-workout. If cutting you typically have carbs at breakfast, pre-workout and the majority post-workout. Leafy green vegetables( LGV's ) can be in any/all meals. Personally I put LGV's (romaine/spinach) in my meals that don't have the starchy carbs. These are generalizations and really depend on your plan though.

You say you're eating six meals AND having 3 protein shakes. How much time is between all of these? Current research shows that 2-2.5 hours between protein feedings is best in order to efficiently control muscular protein synthesis( MPS ) (reference: ). They call this MPS refraction; meaning after going in to protein synthesis the body must start to go out of protein synthesis before you can go back in again.

How's your fat intake?
What are you eating for your meals?

You should definitely check out Jacob's 13 Weeks to Hardcore Fat Burning - The Diet .

Also, if you want to learn more about protein synthesis, check this article series out. You'll need a good amount of time to read through it there's a lot in it!
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