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Default Question concerning shift work?

I have been a shift worker for over 21 years. My normal schedule is 5to5.
I work 4 12-hour days, 4 off, then 4 12-hour nights, 4 off. For the past 5 years I have averaged 1000 hours overtime a year, but I finally quit using that as an excuse and have started training again for the first time in many years.
I am currently on week 5, and have not missed a day at the gym.
Weights every other day with HIIT cardio in between.
My question on the nutrition side of things concerns the shift work and the typical "best time" for carbs. As in oatmeal and green fibrous carbs.
I am unsure to treat my days and nights at work the same, as far as supplements and eating, or to change things up.
I am doing 6 meals a day/night with 3 Intek protein shakes included (low carb) and a restoration post workout shake. Vitamins, and a fat burner.
I go straight to the gym after work, whether days or nights.
Any insight would be much appreciated.
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