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46% to 51% of Americans pay no federal taxes or get back more than they put in. How is that fair to the other 49% to 51%? We are all Americans and we all benefit from living in this country. Therefore, all of us should pay our fair share.

I do understand the flaws in a flat tax hurting low income vs. high income earners. Look at Cain's 9% plan. Take an earner of 20k he/she will pay $1800 in federal tax. Take an earner at $1 million and he/she will pay $90,000. Obviously, the high income earner can afford the 90k and the low income earner probably needs every dollar he/she can get.

But how is it fair if that high income earner pays all the taxes and the low income earner pays nothing?

Now, I believe Millionaire should pay more because right now they have a lower tax rate than the middle class earners which is not fair. Something needs to change to benefit the 99% as opposed to the top 1%.
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