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I really don't understand why anyone believes a flat tax is fair. I know that we all benefit from good roads, good schools, excellent military, etc. However, shouldn't the individuals who benefit most from these, pay the most (progressively) in taxes. Over the past thirty years, the conservative Republicans in my state with the help of the liberal Democrats, have increased local and state taxes greatly on all. However, the lower and middle wage earners feel the effect more. More items are being taxed at a higher rate. Many services that were not taxed in the past are now being taxed. Federal taxes have decreased on all. However, the lions share of the decrease was enjoyed by the higher wage earners. Poverty rates are increasing. Income drops for lower and middle income earners and income increases for higher income earners. How is it fair? And, don't tell me that these higher income earners earned their level of income when many just inherited it. That is why many of the higher income earners in the late 1800s supported the so-called "death tax" because they knew that their decendents didn't deserve or earn the level of income that they generated by their talents.
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