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108 days until I judge progress from 3/5/1 (for you Commander!)

Military 5's


BWx15, 5 sets

Chins: (varied grip)
BWx10, 5 sets

Just an update on what I am doing. I modified 5/3/1 into a 3/5/1 with heavy singles after the "3" and "1" workouts. During the 5 week I will hit the prescribed reps, and push the last set no "not quite failure" This way I am going heavy twice a month, with the middle week acting as a "deload"; sort of, while still getting some good rep work in. Each workout I do no more than 3 movements (abs count). The goal for the accessory work is to bring up weak points..I wont do a movement unless I gain something from it. My goals are to continue to get stronger, while letting my body recover from all the volume WM put me through! If after 108 more days, results are not to my liking, I will try something else..otherwise this is it for now!

Cardio will be on non lifting days, as my body dictates. The goal is to sprint once and do a little distance once as well. Sprint work will be with a prowler, tire, hills, or intervals.
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