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I don't know how many days are left. I don't care to be honest. Somewhere in the 30's I think.

I've had a rough semester--drama, family emergencies, unexpected crap, etc. It's been very hard to keep up a routine (especially without a training partner, because Jacksonville is the laziest town ever) and I am very disappointed in myself.

However, I'm still not quitting. Still going to train as hard as I'm able for Tough Mudder.

I'm going to do my best to get out for a jog today. But we'll see.

Need to go grocery shopping.

11:30a M1: oatmeal w/ cinnamon, green tea
1:30p M2: deli sandwich w/mustard (& spinach if we have any)
2:45 Field work - warm up jog, stretch. then circuits: backwards jog, prison cell push ups, sprint length of field, lunges, stretch x3. then jogged a qtr mile, did some push ups, stretched, push ups, qtr mi jog, stretch. definitely vented a bit of steam, feels great
4:00 M3: whey protein, water, vitamins
6:00 M4: chicken breast w/ veggies
8:00 M5: egg sandwich
10:30 M6: cottage cheese
Main Activity:

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