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Default Exeriencing Something Strange

First, let me apologize if this is posted in the wrong thread, it was the closest thing I could find.
Background, I haven't really worked out steadily or correctly for many years, after I retired from the military at 38.
So, I'm basically a beginner. I joined a gym about 6 weeks ago, and have been doing combo cardio/weight training, with more emphasis on building muscle mass and strength.
Here's the strange thing, that I don't ever recall having happen to me while in the military. After a work out, I am generaly fairly exhausted. But some times, as soon as a couple of hours, to as much as sometime the next day, I have experienced a sort of high intensity "buzz". By that I mean I feel a surge of energy that lasts from anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. It feels as if I have drank five gallons of coffee, is the only way I can describe it. I don't know if it's psychogical, or physiological, normal or unusual.
I don't drink anymore coffee than I did before I stared training, and I only use the following:
Creatine, recommended to me by a friend who is a trainer in another state.
He recommended it, because he says it hydrates muscle, and rids the (toxins?) from muscle for faster recovery from pain. I read a whole article on this forum on creatine monohydrate, and know from that, that there are no stimulates in creatine.
Vitamins: 1 Multi-vitamin, 1 B-12 tablet per day, Fish oil, 1 gel cap per day, and Siberian Ginsing for (alleged) mental alertness for the over 40 crowd.

I don't take any medications that would cause this, and don't use any illegal or non-prescribed medications.

So this powerful surge of energy, almost a hyper-active state is strange, and again, it usually only occurs a couple of hours after a work-out, or the next day.

I do know that activity can change mental state, as during the late 70's to late 80's, I was a 5 to 10 mile per day runner and always experinced "runner's high", after about 5 miles, but understood this to be a release of dopamine from the brain. But this was more like a mellow "high" and a relaxed more sedated feeling, totally oppisite of what's happening now.

Sorry if I got too wordy here, I just wanted to try to fill in any missing gaps or info, that may or may not be pertinent, to weight training.

Thanks ahead for any help.

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