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61 days...and weight is not budging....who else can eat this much and not gain weight....even while deloading?

Thursday - continue deload, coming off midnight shift

HFSW - High Frequency Strength Work

If any of you are T-Nation readers, you are familiar with this. Basically, it is taking a weight you can dominate (i.e. use compensatory acceleration training), on several big lifts and doing them at the beginning of the workout. Dominating it helps 1) create a hypertrophic response even with lighter weights 2) trains you to be explosive with heavier weights and 3) primes you for the rest of the workout.

However, in this case, I didn't care about #3 because I wasn't doing anything else. Just the minimum to get a stimulus since I was spent from the midnight shift.

3 sets of 8 for each:

OH Press

Added 2 bonus sets of deadlifts since it was my normal deadlift day. So I actually did 5 sets of 8 for deadlift.

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