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Day 25, Happy Oktoberfest!

Issues at home majorly conflicting with training lifestyle. My 'friend' took the bed I sleep (and the extra air mattress) because of an argument over a lampshade. A friend no longer, but a roommate for 2 more months he remains.

Anyway, this is no diary.

Training restarts tomorrow or Monday at the latest (as soon as I relocate). It's been a bit rocky but time to get back on track!

Day 26 Day before relocation and training kicks up again. Planning on a 3 mile jog
M1: pistachios, lots of water, banana
M2:ham sandwich
Work out: 2-3 mile jog with various pull ups and pushups (roughly 45 mins activity)
M3: grilled chicken, rice, beans
M4: egg sandwich
M5: egg sandwich

Drank again. Out of this place tomorrow, drinking will cease.
Main Activity:

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