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The only way someone is going to be 100% happy with a politician is if they believe in everything that person believes in. The only way that is going to happen is if you yourself are running for office.

Obama has done some good things in office like order the killings of terrorist leaders. He has been more aggressive on Al Qeada in 2+ years then Bush was in 8 years (and no I am not bashing Bush). I think Bush would have been a better president if he did not have a bully for a vice president. Obama steped into office with two wars going on and an awful economy yet many Republicans constantly bash him let he caused all of that. If John McCain had been elected he would be dealing with the same issues. Obama was elected in part to end the war in Iraq in a responsible manner. There were 150,000 American troops in Iraq when he stepped into office. Now, there are 44,000-46,000 depending on the day with plans to completely withdraw by the end of this year. I know someone is thinking well the troop levels went way up in Afghansitan. Well to that I say isn't that the where Al Qeada (our real enemies) and the Taliban are based out of. Obama made a smart decision to get rid of "Don't ask, Don't Tell" which was stupid to begin with. It is not like people are beating down the doors at recruiting stations to join the military. Who cares if someone is straight or gay if they want to serve their country. Besides the fact that when you are in a unit and spend everyday with the same people you are going to figure out if someone is gay or straight anyway and it should not matter because we all breathe the same air.

I know the economy is the number 1 issue that most people care about and since Obama has been president it has not improved much if at all. However, no matter who is president is going to have very little effect on the economy unless they give incentives or threats for corporations to hire. If companies don't stop outsourcing jobs to India and China the economy will tank even more. If workers do not get raises as opposed to paycuts they are not going to spend. Upper level management continues to make more and more money and the middle and working class suffer not at the hands of government but at the hands of corporations.

As for the current Republican President field it is a pretty weak one. Ron Paul is the only guy who makes sense. Some of his views are a bit extreme but he is a smart man. There is a lot of speculation that our governor Chris Christie is going to run for president after saying he would not. However, they would not be the first time he lied ask any public employee in New Jersey. I want him to run though because it would provide entertainment for the debates. If he does everyone outside of New Jersey will see what I mean.

There is still over a year to the next elections anyway. A lot can change from now to then.
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