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Haha, it was the most fun I'll have for a while Gotta focus now! ... And find another pair of running shoes..

Day 24

10:30a Jump rope - 5 sets, 100reps per, 10 second rest in between each
12:30p M1: protein shake, vitamins

1:00 Work out 1 Push ups
Calisthenics: various pushups/core workouts for 20 minutes
2:00 M2: 1/2 apple, almonds
2:40 M2.5: granola bar

3:00 Push Work out 2 Weight training
warm up-slomo pushups
DB PP: 55x12, 60x8.5, 65x6.5
Swiss Ball Push-up: 12, 10, 8 (ball against a wall today, calisthenics earlier tired me out)
Dips: 9, 7, 5

4:30 M3: deli ham sandwich, extra spinach
8:00 M4: pistachios
10:00 M5: pizza & beer <--- they're the only good friends in Jacksonville
Main Activity:

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