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As soon as the democrats get off the Bush did this, that, etc. rhetoric, things might actually start to happen. It has been almost 3 years now, when will obama claim this to be HIS presidency? I am disgusted with Politics and have removed myself from paying attention right now. These are not debates...just a Q and A. it seems that all the Republican nominees or potential nominees just talk the same rhetoric but in a different tone, with the exception of one or two. Why didnt things get rammed through when he had congress? Because people didnt want the policies, that is why the dems lost so many seats in the last election. Everyone is not supposed to win or get a trophy, let the people who took a subprime mortgage default on the loan, lets clear out this mess, and things will turn around. A stimulus just delays the inevitable. Our economy is self correcting, and all ths "help" just hurts.
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