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Day 15-22

Took a vacation for a week. I've read in MH that 2 weeks on 1 week off can be good for muscle growth. Of course, that doesn't justify how I ate... but it was goood. Won't be doing this again for the duration of my training--special occasion. During my break I did do a fair amount of various pull ups and push ups though. Also got pretty good at ping pong hahaa.

Day 23

Back to work, back in school, back to training.

9:45a M1: oatmeal, cinnamon, vitamins
12:00p M2: eggs (1 yolk), spinach
2:30 M3: whey protein, tea
7:30 M4: deli ham sandwich w/ extra spinach
8:30 30 min jog, moderate pace
9:20 M5: sm. handful pistachios, half an apple
Main Activity:

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