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Flat BB Bench Press
45x15, 135x5, 185x5, 185x5, 185x5, (185x3, 165x2), 165x5

Standing Shoulder Press
97xfail, 87x2, 65x8

(Superset) - Set of Presses, Set of Pushups

Incline Alternating DB Bench Press / Pushups
L: 35x8, (30x3, 25x2, 20x2)
R: 35x8, (30x3, 25x2, 20x2)

1. Plyo Box Pushups: 7, Box Pushups: 3
2. Plyo Box Pushups: 1, Box Pushups: 3, Reg Pushups:3, Girl Pushups: 3

Wide Grip BB Bench

Machine Flys
85x8, 85x8, 85x7

- Flat Bench went great, multiple sets with Aug 185lb max
- Shoulder Press "tweaked" my left shoulder from first rep, lost strength through remaining sets
- Pain came back more severe on wide grip press, stopped the set
- Finished with light restricted machine flys.
- I don't know the severity of my injury, but feel some pain on raised shoulder movements, may take some time to heal.
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