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Ron Paul seems honest. He doesn't waffle on his beliefs. However, I do not agree with his politics. He makes some good points. But, to me, is a little extreme on his anti-government stance. I'm not against government or paying my fair share of taxes. I like having good roads and good schools. I believe that Social Security and Medicare are good programs. Social Security did exactly what it was intended to do. Help older Americans, disabled Americans and orphans to not live in poverty.

Both Perry and Romney seem to be phonies and will do anything to get elected. Perry switched parties and Romney waffling on his health care stance.

I have no respect for Newt Gingrich because of his family values. He's a pig.

I don't know much about Herman Cain.

But, since I'm a Democrat, I'll be voting for Obama. So, I guess it doesn't matter which Republican wins the primary to me. I think that Obama did okay against the Party of No. I believe that he could have done much better. He should have been more aggressive especially the first two years when the Democrats also controlled congress. He shouldn't have tried to compromise. He should have just pushed through everything that Democrats believe in. That is what Bush II did when he had control of both houses.
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