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Default Presidential Politics

I’m not sure if anyone else is paying attention to this since I certainly think it is disgusting that all this campaigning starts a year and a half out from the election, but I have watched the last 3 Republican debates. I don’t see any way that President Obama is going to get re-elected with unemployment over 9%, budget deficits over $1.5 trillion each year, businesses fleeing the country to avoid Obamacare and the general divisions in society right now. Since it doesn’t look like the Democrats are going to have anyone who will present a primary challenge I’m thinking that one of the current Republican candidates, for better or worse, will be our next president.

My question is, what do others think of them as Presidential nominees? After watching the debates I come away dumbfounded at the so-called “Top Tier” candidates. Watching Perry and Romney, they just go for the quick sound bite, and even though they get the most time to talk at the debates, I come away thinking that they never end up really “saying” anything. From what I have seen, the only candidates that offer substance are Herman Cain, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich. Yet with the exception of the Iowa & Florida straw polls (can these really be trusted anyway) these men seem to have no chance of being nominated. This is disturbing because politics today is so far removed from substance. It appears more and more to be about image. However all we need to do is look at the last election to see what voting for image over actual experience/substance gets you.
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