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Friday - September 23rd, 2011


Warmup DB Curls
L: 20x15
R: 20x15

BB Curls 21's
65x5, 65x4, 65x3

Warmup French Press

French Presses
50x10, 60x6, 60x6, 60x4

Rope Cable Curls
50x10, 60x5, 60x4, 55x6

Rope Pressdowns
55x10, 70x10, (85x2, 70x3), 70x5

Hammer Curls
L: 30x9, 35x4, 35x4, 35x5
R: 30x10, 35x5, 35x5, 35x5

12, 9, 6, 5

Pullup Negatives
5, 5, 4

- Form was very good. I kept my elbows in on all exercises, back straight, no cheating.
- One minute rest max between each, roughly a quick 45 minute workout
- Hit my arms today because they felt "neglected" this week. I am always rotating my splits, depending on my schedule.
- The 21's were awesome!
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