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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
How many days a week are you training now? If you want to gain more weight I would recommend to back off the volume a little bit and drink a gallon of whole milk a day. If you can't get bigger doing that than I really do not know what to tell you lol.
I used to be skinny when I first started lifting I was 150lbs after a month of learning how to eat more I got up to 165lbs. My secret weapon was a homemade weight gainer shaker with milk, peanut butter, protein powder, yogurt, ice cream and anything else around. Now, I am up to 212 many years later and have no problem gaining weight as long as I drop the cardio. However, you seem to have a much faster metabolism.
5 to 6 days with a few double sessions. Although, due to the cold I had last week, I haven't gotten in many doubles.

I totally understand the recommendation to back off volume. However, I want to be become an absolute machine, both metabolically and in the gym. I think it will truly help the entire contest prep.

I'd rather eat more than train less if that makes sense. I've been trying to throw in some sweets here and there because that gives me an easy extra few calories (believe me, I have room for sweets, 99% of the 5700 calories I eat are clean). The sweets help push me closer to and over 6000.

After competing in April, I will back off the training and eating and adopt a more relaxed approach. Just trying to give it my all right now.

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