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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Shoot, you caught me, I'll put my next marathon on YouTube.

You are right, when I complain, my wife just looks at me like, "Really?" She doesn't want to hear it, because like most women, she struggles just to lose a few pounds. I THINK about not eating and my body starts dropping weight.

Shelby Starnes wrote an article at T-Nation about dieting for hardgainers. In the comment section, he responded to a post of mine and said I was probably one of the few the article was intended for.
How many days a week are you training now? If you want to gain more weight I would recommend to back off the volume a little bit and drink a gallon of whole milk a day. If you can't get bigger doing that than I really do not know what to tell you lol.
I used to be skinny when I first started lifting I was 150lbs after a month of learning how to eat more I got up to 165lbs. My secret weapon was a homemade weight gainer shaker with milk, peanut butter, protein powder, yogurt, ice cream and anything else around. Now, I am up to 212 many years later and have no problem gaining weight as long as I drop the cardio. However, you seem to have a much faster metabolism.
Discipline makes you mentally and physically tough!
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