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Day 11

Physically & mentally drained. One of those days

12:00p M1: banana
5:00 M2: sm. deli sandwich
5:30 slo mo pull ups for a light work out, various types
7:00 M3: cheat meal: turkey/ham foot long sub -- if not for the amount of cheese, bread, and mayo, it would've been healthy!

I fell back into my college way and consumed alcohol last night. I've been drinking less frequently, but need to moderate better.
I'd like to be down to drinking 1 or 2 times per month by December w/ like a 3 drink limit each time.

I mean, I love beer. I've got a collection of like 100 unique beer bottles in my living room (on the bookshelf bahahaha). But no matter what type,
alcohol is still bad for you. Still poison; still old rotted fermented filtered stagnated materials. I need to drink less at a time and less frequently.
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