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Day 10

10:00a M1: oatmeal, green tea, vitamins
Core Workout - Adapted from P90x core
Stretched legs/chest areas
Banana rolls: 5s holds x4 each side, front, and back
Staggered hand stacked feet pushups x20 reps
Boat: 15-20second holds x4 sets
Prison Cell Push ups: 8 reps
Sphinx pushup: 8r
X-Squat: 30r
*avoided some leg/core exercises b/c of the legs w.o. yesterday
12:00p M2: PWO shake: whey, banana, & water (as always just water--rarely milk unless I think I need casein and extended hydration)
2:45 M3: Grilled salmon burger w/ spinach, sriracha on arnold flat bread, e.v.o.o. used in cooking
4:45 M4: salmon burger, same as above
7:30 M5: lambchop
10:30 M6: granola bar
Main Activity:

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