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Day 9

8:00a M1: Oatmeal, green tea, vitamins
*didn't finish oatmeal, got sick to my stomach. I'm guessing not eating last night or taking my vitamins on too empty a stomach
9:45 M2: Whey protein, water (before class)
12:45p M3: Raspberries, sunflower seeds

Work out - Legs
Squat: 135x12, 185x10, 205x6, 205x4
Leg Press: 90x12, 180x12, 270x10, 360x8
Leg Extension: 80x10, 85x8, 90x6
*eat bigger meal before next leg workout

4:15 M4: PWO shake: whey, banana, flax seed
6:30 M5: deli sandwich - Arnold whole wheat flat sammich bread, ham, mustard, spinach, bit of 50/50 mayo/oo
8:30 M6: sandwich similar to above, no mayo
10:30 M7: '' - 100cal worth of carbs at night wont kill me on a leg day
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