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Athletic progress is always so slow... But it's still there. I'm getting somewhere. My tan from kayaking is sweet at least haha

Day 8

9:00a M1: oatmeal, green tea, vitamins

Work out:Push
Slo mo push up warm up - 5s down, 5s up, 30 seconds
DP BP - 50x12, 55x10, 60x8
Swiss ball push up (45 degree body angle) - 12, 10, 8
DB Mil. Press - 40x12, 40x10
DB Should Press - 40x8, 40x5.5 (reached failure)
Dips - 8, 6, 5
Core: Bridges - Reg straight arm, side (bent), side (bent), bent arm reg (forearm resting flat) 30s each
Swiss ball crunch - sloooww reps... 12, 10

11:25 M2 - PWO shake with milk, flax seed, extra h2o
2:00p M3 - sm portion pork and mix veggies
3:30 M3.5 - whey protein, water
6:30 M4 - lamb chop
*Early night, should have eaten at least 1 more meal
Main Activity:

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