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Originally Posted by superbilt View Post
Your training certianly is not boring. Something different all the time.
The core remains the same though. I've been making consistent progress on Squat, Bench, Chinup and Deadlift, following a basic linear model.

I mix up assistance a little, enough to avoid stagnation/boredom.


Tuesday Evening

It was raining, but I decided to get in my occluded walk

Then as a bonus, threw in 3 sets of 30, bodyweight squats (not occluded)

Wednesday - 89 days left to bulk up


Had limited time this morning as I had to walk my dog, but I squeezed as much in as possible

Flat Bench
207.5x5, 8 sets
187.5x8, 2 sets

superset with

Chinup - felt weak on these, I think active rest curls got to me, biceps fried
BW+53 x 5, 3 sets
BW+17.5 x 8, 3 sets
BW+5 x 8, 3 sets

OH Press
92.5x12, 2 sets

Lat Pulldown


DB Bench
78x8, 4 sets

superset with

T-Bar - held peak contraction for at least 1 second
135x8, 5 sets

Inc DB Bench
68x12, 2 sets

superset wtih

135x12, top half reps
135x6, 1 and a half reps, 135x6, top half reps

OH Press
92.5x12, 4 sets

superset with

Tire Row

Lat Pulldown

Band Stiff Arm Lat Pulldown

* Weighed in at my heaviest in a LONG time, 198 in the morning. Haven't weighed that since April 2010.

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