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Default Sept - Dec Training for a Crossfit event

My friends persuaded me to join their Tough Mudder team in Tampa in December, I agreed because it's going to be fun and it's an excuse for me to get back in the shape I'd like to be.

I'm going to take part in a wide variety of physically rigorous activities and try to maintain a somewhat nutritional diet. Strength training, kayaking, running, jump rope, calisthenics, yoga, stretching, etc. As much activity as I have the time for in between my school studies.

This'll be disorganized at first, I'll set it up in time

Sept 06:

5:30am - two mile jog, carrots and water beforehand
7:30 - Meal 1: oatmeal, green tea, multi vit, calcium & fiber supplements, as well as Vit C
10:00 - 3 sets pulls ups: pull ups, wide grip chin ups, close grip p.u.
10:30 - Meal 2: egg, slice of ham, olive oil, whole wheat flat sandwich things... sandwich
11:00 - kayak 2 miles (stayed well hydrated)
3:00 pm Meal 3: - whey protein with milk
5:00 - Meal 4: light tuna sandwich, vit C
7:00 - Meal 5: chicken breast, zucchini, small slice watermelon
9:30 - Meal 6: chicken breast

Planning on an early jog tomorrow morning followed by an upper body Push work out & core later in the afternoon. Maybe some intense cardio here or there... HIIT with a jump rope? Details tomorrow evening I suppose
Main Activity:

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