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offcourse they do provide stretching, offcourse they provide all the benifits of being probably the best full body excercise, but u guys are missing the point here, ask urself truely do they hit lats, aka wings, as effectively as pullups or variation of pulldowns...???? hell no they dont,....if ur answer is yes...then u r a mindless zambie, zambie of the mainstream media, internet gurus...

somebody mentioned squats, dl, presses are the foundation of any solid routine, hell yes they are....but if u r to say the standing millatery presses are good for your calves just because they are done standing & that weight is supported by ur legs ... come on guys where is this debate going...

i repeat for a gazillionth time,, original poster asked for wings...not a solid routine not excercises that give u stretch in ur point has been simple enough, got nothing against dl, though i dont do them but thats my personal preference, however, dl dont hit ur lats one tenth of wat pullups do, thats not my preference thats lets give straight facts to people who ask simple questions instead of marketing squats & deadlifts as an answer to all questions...that just sounds like an annonymous internet 300lbs guru who never even touches a db in real life, but just propagates twice ur body weight protein as a must for getting big...

enough of my rant.....
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