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Legs 1/9/11 - I did the same workout as last time. My lower back has been hurting badly. Pain shooting down through my leg. The physical therapist said it was the lower back muscles from my last back workout. The stretches/ultrasound they are giving me are DEFINITELY taking it away though!
Seated Leg Curls 15 reps
superset - Seated Leg Extension 10-15 reps
superset - Bodyweight Squats 15 reps
I did 5 sets of the above ascending in weight each set, the pump was great!

Leg Press, Feet Close 560 x 7
Leg Press, Feet Close 560 x 7
Leg Press, Feet Close 560 x 6
I then did Jacob's 8 weeks to bigger calves workout #1. That protocol is BRUTAL!!!
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