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96 days to get it on


Triceps pretty sore from an isolation session Monday evening and the active rest they got during yesterday's squat session. It helped me really feel them today in a good way.


Flat Bench
206x5, 6 sets
186x8, 2 sets

superset with

53.5x5, 4 sets
16x8, 3 sets

Tire Row, 75, 4 sets

superset with

OH Press
91x12, 3 sets


DB Press
77x8, 4 sets

superset with

T-Bar Row - cut down working weight to about 60% of what I was doing, I used zero body english/momentum and held the peak contraction for 2 seconds. In the end, I think this will be better for improving my lats, keeping stress of my lower back and also my legs (hamstrings started to get bothered by the heavy rowing).
125x8, 5 sets

Inc DB Press
68x12, 2 sets

superset with

BW+5 x 12, 10

Tire Row, 75, 3 sets

superset with

OH Press
91x12, 3 sets

Ab Wheel Rollout

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