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Chest, Triceps 29/8/2011


Incline Chest Presses, 30x30, 40x20, 50x20, 70x12, 70x12, 70x12, 70x12
superset - dumbbell lateral raises single arm, 30x8 or 35x6 each set
superset - dumbbell shoulder shrugs, 30x20 each set
superset - diamond pushups leaning against top of incline incline bench

Old School Extensions, 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure
superset - Tricep Extensions, 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure
superset - California Presses (negative only), 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure
superset - Close Grip Tricep Presses (short ROM), 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure, 60xfailure

Leaning Tricep Extensions. 4 sets x failure + stretch on last rep. I'm not sure what this exercise may actually be called. You lock out the smith machine bar like 2.5ft off the ground. Then stand 3-4 feet from the bar and lean out and grab the bar w/ a slightly closer than shoulder width grip. Then your head goes under the bar like you're doing overhead extensions but you're learning forwards w/ your bodyweight.

Pretty good workout. I felt pretty flat/tired the whole time. I don't think I ate enough carbs today.
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