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Default Desert Training

Well, my wrist surgery last year is over. It's been one of the longest years of my life not being able to train. I went from 190lbs last summer to 158lbs after my surgery/rehab. Now I'm 100% back and I have no wrist pain. I'm currently deployed and training hard. Here goes.

Current weight: unknown, ~165lbs
Goal: 200lbs
Squat Goal: 500lbs (by end of 6 months here)
--I think my squat hasn't been high enough due to weak hamstring, this will be a priority.

I can only eat 3 meals/day here and the only other thing I can have is supplements. I go for 50g protein and 100g carbs each meal. I can't measure it out I have to eyeball it by what they slap down on my plate. I'll be utitlizing BCAA's/whey between meals.

-Full Supplement List-
Whey protein
Fish Oils
Vitamin C
Beta Alanine
Join support

-Training Style-
I train by feeling. High volume, very low rest periods, lots of supersets (2-4/set), pullups every workout. It's like circuit training with heavy weights and tons of supersets.
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