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Originally Posted by HardCory View Post
Loving the intensity, great mindset going into your first show, you're going to kill this bulk.
Thanks Cory! I am trying.

Although, funny note on the bulk, I realized I have 26 less days than I thought!

Someone needs to teach me math, I realized when I did all of my calculations and wrote my "Training Manifesto" I said I would diet for 17 weeks from January 1 to April 1....notice anything wrong? I include the month of April in my 17 week total, problem is, as of April 1, it is only 13 weeks (roughly). Thus, I had to move the start date of my contest cut diet to December 5, 2011. Yes, right before the holidays I will start my contest diet. I will still enjoy some holiday food, because my "diet" will still be 4000 plus calories....there is room for a few cookies in there somewhere, lol!

138 - 26 = 112 days to get HUGE!

Goal is to make is to around 207. That is 13 more pounds, about 0.8 pounds per week. That would be the biggest I have ever been. Slightly shy of my 210 goal, but starting my diet is more important than getting big, I NEED to be lean to do well, even if that sacrifices some size.

112 days to get HUGE




Chinup - I need to deload these, it was brutal on the last reps
BW+32.5 x 10, 10, 8, 8, 6, 6

Kayak Row - variation of stiff arm lat pulldown
40 x 3 each side, 6 to middle

BW+16 x 5, 5 sets

DB Row
73x10, 3 sets

superset with

Suspended Pushups
BWx10, 3 sets

Triset, no rest between exercises, 3 sets

Stiff Arm Rope Pulldown
Kneeling Pulldown
Kneeling Row


Flat Bench Press
194x10, 5 sets

superset with Crunches, BWx20

DB Press
73x10, 4 sets

Suspended Pushup
BWx10, 3 sets

OH Press
87.5x12, 3 sets

Ab Wheel Rollout
BWx10, 2 sets

121x20, 15, 15


Diet Update

Bodyweight average last week: 191.9
Bodyweight average this week: 194.0

This week was my fast week. I seem to alternate between gaining quick and gaining next to nothing.

I weighed in heavy, 195.5 the last 2 mornings which inflated my average. I think my legs seriously sucked up everything I ate and drank since the double session on Saturday and that is why I weighed in heavy. I am not complaining, my legs are swole in a good way right now.

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